The  STEM STAR of the Month Award recognize Middle and High School Female identifying students in STEM who are changing lives through their community outreach, work, and research. We encourage you to nominate someone you feel represents the best in STEM and embodies  our vision. Nominate a STEM STAR TODAY!

JULY 2021

Neha S.

Greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Neha saw millions of people becoming ill in her community and around the world. It didn’t seem right to her that a misunderstanding of social distance could cost someone their life. In March 2020, she created SixFeetApart – a wearable social-distancing device and app that uses the latest developments in ultrasonic technology and AI to alert users when approaching people cross CDC's guidelines of a 6-foot distance. Neha’s efforts in innovation were featured in the New York Times, ABC, the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, and more. Her work was recognized by the late Princess Diana and the Royal Family through the Diana Award as well as by President Biden through the National Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award. She was also named a 2021 Global Teen Leader, representing the United States for her innovations and outreach. 


As Neha continued tackling other real-world problems through her innovations, she realized the gap of young people in innovation. Our world is facing so many global challenges, like COVID-19, climate change, threats to cybersecurity - and we need a collaborative approach to solving these problems, with young people as a part of the dialogue. Neha has been running global Innovation & STEM workshops with students across the world to inspire the next generation of young problem-solvers and innovators creating solutions to the world’s biggest problems! Neha shares her 3-step innovation framework of “Identify, Innovate, Impact”, teaches students how to channel their passions into solutions for real-world problems through interactive innovation activities, and introduces them to emerging technologies. She has impacted over 38,000 students to-date and hopes to reach over 100,000 students by the end of the year.

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Naomi H.

Baltimore, Maryland

 Naomi is a 17 year old coder. She started coding at the age of 12 when she found out how much she loved it. From then on she had participated in many coding camps, as well as hosted a few workshops. She has worked with organizations like Black Girls CODE, Superposition, Elevate the Future Maryland, and Kindling Curiosity. She hopes to major in Computer Science when she gets to college. After college, she wants to work for a company that deals with cyber security.

MAY 2021

Zahra-Marie Ronizi

Miami, Florida

 Since the age of 5, she dreamed of becoming one of the firsts to walk on Mars.

Since then, she's been chasing her dreams in space medicine, working her way towards the red planet.
    She's a licensed International PADI scuba diver, a 2-time graduate of the United States Space Academy, and a Young Eagle with the EAA training for her Private Pilot’s License. Last month, she was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Advanced Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama for her leadership and research in STEM. This year, Zahra has been conducting research on space surgeries and was nominated for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence by Nobel Prize recipient Mario Capecchi. Zahra was selected to be on the Research Committee for Girls in White Coats, an organization striving for female empowerment in medicine. She is also one of the crew members on an Astronaut Training Expedition taking place in Iceland this year where she will be studying geology and astrobiology. She is also set to attend an analog mission in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia with the Mars V company. Since the pandemic hit, Zahra has taken on a new initiative, partnering with schools and universities across the world to host virtual talks on STEM and the importance of space exploration. So far, she has spoken with over 1,000 students from 10+  countries, striving to motivate her generation to pursue their big dreams. Her mission in life is to inspire others to reach their goals and to show them that with passion, courage, and dedication, no time, age, or fallback can stop someone from achieving their dreams!”

APRIL 2021
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JUNE 2021

Lauryn T.

Cary, North Carolina

Hi, I am Lauryn T, and I am honored to be Young Women in STEM Conference's STEM STAR of the Month. As I enter my senior year of high school, I am focusing on medicine and education.  I hope to be on the pre-med track and explore neuroscience, psychology, and writing in college. Starting in August, I will be completing an internship at a local Assisted Living Home and Memory Care Facility. I am excited to gain patient-care experience. In addition, I will be launching a youtube channel with my younger sister that will feature many STEM demonstrations for kids to access and complete at home. I believe representation is crucial to every kid's success, and every child of every sexuality, race, religion, and ethnicity should see themselves. As I continue to advance my education, I want to continue to serve as a mentor for other black girls pursuing STEM and medicine. This summer, I will continue to explore STEM in the Woodson Summer Scholars Program at the University of Chicago. I will be taking the Science, Technology, and the Body course and can not wait to share my new knowledge with others!