Teach your daughter math at home, starting at age 4

This is a good math book series by Gitan (Korea).  This series is available at an educational store called JumpQ in Santa Clara, CA.  It is very similar to an at-home Kumon.

Call JumpQ to order the books.  You can also find some of the levels on Amazon. You may be able to order them online direct from Korea.  Each book is under $10 and it lasts for 4 weeks.  The book is separated into 4, 1 week sections.

The books start with number sense skills.  You will see lots of counting and fill-in-the-missing-number activities before adding is even introduced.

Things to note:

There are different levels: A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4 etc, then B-1, B-2, B-3. B-4, etc, then C, D and so on, with A being the easiest.A-1 will last you for 4 weeks.  A-2 will last you for another 4 weeks.  A-3 will last for 4 weeks and so on.TAGS: TEACH YOUR DAUGHTER MATH

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