The Best STEM Organizations For Girls & Women

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Girls and women have for far too long been underrepresented and undervalued in both STEM careers and educational settings. There is no shortage of data to reflect this unfortunate reality.

Take, for example, Microsoft’s study that shows that most girls become interested in STEM in school at around age of 11, but their interest starts to wane by the age of 15. Or the STEM Jobs: 2017 Updatereport that highlighted how only about 30% of all STEM degree holders are women. Or the findingthat nearly 40% of women with engineering degrees either leave the profession or never enter the field.

The situation can sometimes feel too entrenched to overcome. But this simply isn’t the case. Great strides are being made every day by organizations big and small that provide invaluable resources, guidance, and advocacy for girls and women to engage with and pursue careers in STEM.

There are initiatives that encourage young girls to explore the wonders of STEM in and outside of school, scholarships that assist female university students to continue their studies, and all manner of conferences, mentoring opportunities, and programs that encourage female STEM professionals to remain in the field.


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