21 Female Scientists Who Slay

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

AsianScientist (Mar. 8, 2018) – In celebration of International Women’s Day, we turn the spotlight on 21 female scientists who have gone against the odds and forged paths for themselves in the male-dominated world of science and technology. The fact remains that only a third of the enrollees in STEM courses globally are female, while women make up only 19-23 percent of the researchers in Asia The figures also widely differ across countries within these regions. In Southeast Asia, for example, the Philippines and Thailand appear to be a better place for female scientists as women make up 52 percent of the scientific workforce. In contrast, only one in every three scientists in Indonesia and Singapore are women. Interestingly, in countries considered the leaders of scientific research in Asia like Japan and South Korea, as few as 15 percent and 18 percent are female. Though they may still be in the minority, women scientists nonetheless excel in their respective fields. From research that paved the way for the discovery of a genetic marker for breast cancer to groundbreaking research in microbial hazards that led to policy reforms, these 21 women who have made it to this year’s Asian Scientist 100 list are contributing to science at the highest levels. Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine at:

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